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Auto Foam Dispenser


Microburst 3000 Dispenser


Auto Foam Soap 1100ml Refill


Auto Sanitiser Digital


Micro Burst Stainless Steel Cover


5lt Chemical Range


Mini Sani Bin 12 Ltr


Silent Vacuums


Microburst 3000 Refill


Spray Soap Dispenser


Auto Sanitiser refills


Auto Sanitiser Dispenser 310 ml


Sanitary bin liners


460mm Stiff Fibre Broom


Wet and Dry Vacs


Hand Dryer Stainless 2500w


Spray Soap 400ml Refill


Spray Soap Dispenser


Wee N wash


Wall mount mini bag dispenser


460mm Soft Fibre Broom


Duo Bravo Set


Multifold paper Towel dispenser


Foam Soap Dispenser 800ml


Foam Soap Dispenser


Wall mount mini bag refill


Short Handle Scrubbing Brush


Wave Brake Mopping trolley


Jumbo Wall


Foam Soap Dispenser 800ml Refill


Auto Janitor




Sani Sense


Stainless Steel Wire Brush


Jumbo Floor Stand


ABS Soap Dispenser 1000ml


Auto Janitor refills




Seat and & Hand Cleaner


305mm Stiff Fibre Broom


Auto Flush


Stainless Soap Dispenser 1200ml


450mm Metal Squeegee's


Seat Spray Refill


Sani bin Stainless Steel


Wall Mount Bin


Stainless Steel Wall Bin


Slim Roll Paper Dispenser